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Verdict: Good but not the best.

Battle Fuel XT reviews[yasr_overall_rating]

Reason: Does not include Vitamin B6 plus it is more expensive than other products that will be just as effective for you.

However, it does contain D-aspartic acid which is a huge plus and most of the users have reported good results so it may work for you too (I just personally wouldn’t buy it because it is overpriced for what you get).

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Battle Fuel XT has a pretty good all-natural ingredient formula. As follows:

D-Aspartic Acid:

DAA promotes natural production of testosterone in the body. Together with magnesium, it is able to optimize the production of testosterones.

Asteracantha MP:
Possessing 50 percent of L-Dopa (which is the hormone responsible for positive energy and emotional stability), AMP is targeted to firmly back sexual energy and health. Thus, the supplement helps improve sexual libido.

Asteracantha Longifolia Aquatic Extract:

This extract works the same way with the MP. Altogether they form a conglomerate effect on boosting bodybuilding results and sexual activity.

N-Acetyl Carnitine:

This enzyme supports the conversion of fats to energy and promoting healthier neurological functions. After all, working out is also a matter of the mind. If you think you can or you can’t, either way you’re right. Might as well go with something that makes you believe the former.

Anacyclus Pyrethrum:

Ancyclus Pyrethrum is responsible in fortifying raised sexual activeness and can positively affect the antioxidant production within the system. Apart from keeping you active in bed and working out for a purely built body of muscles, it also gives the benefit of keeping you younger looking minus the flabby or skinny look. Just pure physical manhood at its finest.

Suma Extract:

When it comes to cardiovascular functionality that goes beyond the usual capacity, there’s no better input for that other than the Suma Extract. It also helps boost immune system functionality, proper blood circulation and food digestion.

Indole-3 Carbonal:

Suppresses estrogen levels, promoting better production of testosterone.


DIM supports the hormonal equilibrium, eliminating active estrogen in order to support the healthiest possible testosterone balance your physiological system can garner.


Side Effects

The only Battle Fuel XT side effets I have found is that it induces the production of acne. However overall users found that it wasn’t too bad. Doctors have talked about this – saying it’s just the effect of exceeding levels of testosterone, which is normal.

Battle Fuel XT Results from Other Users

Online reviews were pretty mixed. Here are a couple of the remarks I’ve gathered, summarized.

Rommel from upstate Florida mentioned a couple things he loved about the new XT such as how it made him far more vigorous than ever and how it helps him lead a healthier life with its completeness in prepping any body builder.

Stephen, a fitness enthusiast, stressed how the capsules are purely potent in inducing the effects it deem to bring out such as an improved sex drive and better energy for workouts.


This is a fairly affordable product in the lower to mid price range, depending on where you buy Battle Fuel XT.

Update: This product is no longer available. I recommend trying TestoFuel for building muscle or Prime Male for low T instead. 


This product has a pretty strong ingredient formula however is mission a couple of my preferred ingredients such as Vitamin B6. It’s solid but if you are going to buy something you might as well go for the best.


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