Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for male characteristics in human beings. The hormone is produced inlow t symptoms the testes. During puberty it is responsible for many changes in males such as the breaking of ones voice and the development of other male characteristics. In adulthood it is responsible in regulating male characteristics such as sex drive. In some cases it can happen that an individual develops low testosterone, this can lead to different changes in the body of an individual. For you to be able to know whether you have low testosterone there are some changes which will occur in your body such as experiencing low energy levels as well as failing to maintain an erection for a long period of time. Here are some common low t symptoms:

1.Sexual dysfunction in male (unable to maintain erections)

You may be active in your sexual life where you can maintain erections for long periods of time till you satisfy your partner. All of a sudden you may notice that you are failing to maintain the long erections that you used to have. This is one of the symptoms of low testosterone; before you make your conclusion you need to visit your doctor who will perform different tests to confirm that you really have low testosterone levels for him to recommend necessary medications.


2. Reduced sex drive (reduced sexual activity)

After you become affected with low testosterone levels you will tend to have a reduced desire for sex. There are other things in your life that can lead you to losing interest in sex but low testosterone has been found to be one of the contributing factors in males which led them to developing low sex drive. Low testosterone levels leads to reduced sexual activity because the hormone is the one that is responsible in controlling sexual activity in an individual hence its drop leads to a drastic decrease in the sexual drive of a man.


3. Decreased energy

After levels of testosterone go down in a male individual it will tend to lead to lower levels of energy. You may notice yourself under-performing at work and experiencing lower energy levels in general. The possible cause can be low testosterone levels. In case you have lost your energy but you cannot identify the reason why, you need to contact your doctor to check your testosterone levels.


4. Loss of body hair

In some cases men will tend to lose body hair. If you have been noticing excessive hair fall, then you need to check on your levels of testosterone because loss of hair in men is one of the symptoms of low testosterone levels. If you had a lot of hair and you start losing it drastically, then you should go and see your doctor.


5. Depressed mood

Men with low testosterone levels will tend to develop bad moods. In case you were a person who used to have good moods but you develop changes all over a sudden, then this may be the reason. Depressed moods can really disturb you while trying to relate with other people hence you should try and check on your levels of testosterone to avoid social problems.


6. Increase in body fat

With low testosterone levels a man will tend to increase the amount of fat in his body so if you find yourself undergoing sudden weight gains then you should really check this out. Instead of trying to look for other ways through which you will be able to lose the fat, you need to check on the levels of your testosterone first for you to know the real cause.


7. Decrease in bone strength

Individuals with low bone strength or osteoporosis commonly have low testosterone levels. Living with low bone density is very risky in your life because you can easily develop bone fractures. If possible, after you discover you are developing osteoporosis you need to contact your doctor who will advise you appropriately on how to deal with the issue of low testosterone levels. You should look for a specialist in the area of low testosterone.


8. Reduced muscle mass

As a man your physical appearance should be muscular. The masculinity in you is controlled by the hormone testosterone. With low testosterone levels you will end up decreasing your body mass. With low testosterone levels even if you try to maintain the right diet as well as doing the right exercise you will still lose muscle mas. If you find that you just can’t seem to gain any muscle right now then you need to check on your levels of testosterone.

Low testosterone levels can really affect your life, but the good news is that you can easily correct the situation after you contact a professional for advice.