Welcome to Best Testosterone Booster Guide. If you are here you are probably looking to boost your libido and get more out of your time in the bedroom. You are definitely in the right place. I have been taking testosterone boosters for over two years now. I will let you know exactly which product has given me a massive increase in libido, it’s also the product I continue to take for overall vitality.

Here are my top test boosters for libido:

1. Prime Maledoes prime male really work?

In the vast jungles of testosterone boosters, far too many fights to be the king and to date, the crown still belongs to our #1 testosterone booster: Prime Male!

We covered Prime Male in a previous review and boy do we love to recommend it! Even the design is just too alpha: Regal, confident, strong, and oozing with testosterone. What made us hail Prime Male as the ultimate T booster is simple: Synergy and Potency.

Formulating a supplement is easy, but making one that works and surpasses expectations like Prime Male is something else. Not only does it contain some of the best ingredients for T boosting, but each one complements the other, ensuring optimal T-boosting performance as a whole.

• Synergistic Formulation
• Potent ingredients
• Clear label
• Great value. Order 3 and get 1 box free.

• Purely for T, none directly for lifting purposes
• Only available at the main website

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2. TestoTek

TestoTek is perhaps the only rival to Prime Male’s prowess in the testosterone boosting game. Many would even say TestoTek is better than Prime Male. The argument is often due to the dosage of critical ingredients such as DAA being higher in TestoTek than in Prime Male.

True, DAA is critical, but we like to argue that absorbing the ingredients better makes for a more efficient supplement and Prime Male has Bioperine, a premium form of black pepper extract known to enhance bioavailability of a lot of supplements. That and Boron.

Whether you’re a TestoTek fan or a Prime Male supporter, one thing is clear: Both of these supplements are the best at what they can do for your testosterone. Pick one or the other; it doesn’t matter. You’ll get results either way.

• Synergistic Formulation, but Prime Male is better
• Potent ingredients. More DAA = more T-boosting power
• Clear label
• 3 bottles of TestoTek is cheaper than 3 bottles of Prime Male

• Purely for T
• Can only be purchased online
• Doesn’t have absorption support

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3. Testogen – Budget Option

Both Prime Male and TestoTek are considered premium products, and admittedly, they’re not exactly cheap. We know a good number of men would rather spend their money on things that don’t come in a bottle and for them we recommend Testogen.

Testogen contains a good amount of DAA, a puny dose of vitamin D3, and what looks to be an absurdly large serving of zinc. While it does look absurdly large, let’s take into account the form of zinc we have. Zinc Gluconate roughly contains 13% zinc by weight. The exact amount of zinc we have here is therefore 9.36 mg, which isn’t bad given the latest DV for zinc is around 11 mg for adults.

This is why ingredient forms matter in supplements. The right form can make your supplement efficient or make it not just weak, but also expensive. Don’t worry, Testogen is not only decently formulated but is also cost-effective.

• Affordable
• Decent formula for the price
• Lots of DAA

• Not really “strong”
• Puny vitamin D dose

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If there is one hormone all men need in bed, it’s testosterone. If your T levels are too low, the only thing that will be aroused is your curiosity as to why you’re not as sexually charged up like before. And when you’re on the wrong side of 40, this is an all too common problem.

Here are some sex-related side effects of low testosterone levels:

Really low libido. Sometimes a decrease in sex drive is more than just having a bad day at work. It could also mean your T levels are uber low.
You can’t get the little man up. If there’s a raging sex machine in front of you and you can get it up at all, you definitely have a problem. While testosterone alone is insufficient to cause an erection, it plays a major role in stimulating the exact brain receptors that actually make us stiff.
Low semen volume. Shooting blanks? Can’t get the wife pregnant? Either your micro-swimmers can’t swim, or they ran out of pool water. Regardless, it’s a sign of low T levels.

Those side effects are nasty, and they’re just the ones related to sex! Low T levels can also lead to loss of muscle and bone density, increased body fat storage, and hair loss! The drawbacks of having low-testosterone will wreck your manliness into pieces. What’s worse is there’s a good chance you have a lot of these symptoms if you’re over 40. If you can’t maintain your testosterone levels, say goodbye to aging gracefully.

Top Libido Boosting Ingredients

We want our readers not to waste their hard earned money, and precious time when it comes to picking what supplement is best for them, so we did the dirty work for you! We reviewed a lot of really good T boosters out there, but we’ve narrowed the whole enchilada to just three. Before we get to what our top three choices are, let’s first know at to look for in a world class T booster.

D-Aspartic-Acid (DAA)

DAA is considered a testosterone supercharger capable of boosting testosterone by 42% in just 12 days, and it’s just getting started. DAA works by supercharging signals for testosterone synthesis, supports T raw material delivery, and optimizes other hormones that support T growth.


Zinc is naturally found in our balls where it triggers testosterone production. It also neutralizes prolactin, a girly hormone. If you have shrunken balls and annoying man-boobs, there’s a chance you’re zinc-deficient.

Mucuna Pruriens

If you’re running low on sperm, what you need is a good dose of Mucuna Pruriens. Mucuna pruriens’ been shown to increase T by up to 39% for our friends who have low sperm count. This natural ingredient also boosts both testosterone and sperm count simultaneously while also blocking prolactin.

Vitamin D

Ever hated going outside because the sun’s too harsh or because you fear skin cancer? Yeah, not having enough vitamin D turns out to be a HUGE factor in suffering low T levels. If you get enough of this “sun vitamin,” you’re helping your body fight the nasty T-killing hormone aromatase.


Nothing boring about Boron. Research shows taking 10 mg Boron significantly raised blood testosterone levels in only one week. It’s THAT potent.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a popular men’s supplement because not only can it get your erections hard, but it also raises testosterone by as much as 37%.




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