Summary: Fenugreek does boost testosterone levels and should be taken in dosages between 500-600mg per day to be safe but still effective.

However, it will be most effectively taken together with other supplements such as Magnesium and Zinc. I actually recommend taking natural testosterone supplements, where all of these components have already been blended together in a formula for you, so you can just take it all in one pill.

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Full Analysis: Fenugreek for Testosterone

Herbs and spices have been used in traditional medicine systems like ayurveda and homeopathy since the beginning of time. These streamstrigonella foenum-graecum testosterone of medicine deal with the use of plant extracts or whole plant organs.

Fenugreek (Botanical name: Trigonella foenum-graecum ) is a plant cultivated annually for use in food, the seeds are used as a spice in Indian cooking. Fenugreek seeds contain 45% dietary fiber, vitamins, plant sugars and minerals.

Common Uses

Fenugreek seed extract is routinely used to aid digestion and treat common stomach problems. One interesting application of Fenugreek has been its use in treating erectile dysfunction. Currently Fenugreek extracts are gaining popularity as a testosterone boosting supplement.

Studies into the Testosterone Boosting Properties of Fenugreek

The animal and human clinical studies on the effect of fenugreek extract span a treatment duration of 2 to 10 weeks. It has been noted in all the studies that fenugreek extract at a dosage of 500-600mg per day does not show any deleterious effects or toxicity. Some of the most important scientific studies on fenugreek extract along with the key results and conclusions are being summarized in this article.


Fenugreek helps maintain healthy testosterone levels

Study: Steels and co workers conducted this study on 60 healthy males aged between 25 and 52. The study spanned 6 weeks and 600mg extract was consumed orally by all the subjects. At the end of the study period serum testosterone and prolactin levels were estimated.

Result: The levels of testosterone and prolactin were maintained within the normal physiological limits. The subjects reported increased muscle strength and improved libido without any change in mood or sleep patterns.

Conclusion: Fenugreek extract helps maintain natural healthy testosterone levels.



Fenugreek acts by inhibiting enzymes that breakdown testosterone

Study : Fenugreek is considered to possess aromatase and reductase inhibitor activities, the enzymes responsible for breakdown of testosterone in body. Authors took up this clinical investigation in three groups of healthy trained men for 2, 4 and 8 weeks. All the subjects orally consumed 500mg of fenugreek extract per day. At the end of study testosterone levels were estimated and body fat , muscle gain and strength was evaluated.

Result: Authors observed increase in testosterone levels. A reduction in body fat was observed that is directly linked to improved androgenic activity.

Conclusion : Fenugreek extract improves the testosterone levels by partially blocking the enzymes responsible for breakdown of testosterone.

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Fenugreek extract improves lean muscle mass and body composition

Study: Wilborn and co workers conducted a clinical study on trained athletes to evaluate the effect of fenugreek extract on body composition and muscle strength. 30 trained athletes enrolled for study and consumed 500mg fenugreek extract per day for 8 weeks. During the course of study the athletes were exercising muscle training every four days in between. At the end of the 8 week study, body composition was measured by hydrodensitometry and muscle strength by isotonic bench and leg press. Reduction in body fat was also recorded.

Result: The subjects reported an increase in lean muscle mass, muscle strength and reduction in body fat.

Conclusion: Fenugreek extract significantly improved muscle strength and body composition.



Fenugreek extract components do not alter testicular histology

Study: This study involves the use of certain chemical components of fenugreek extract called as glycosides. The main objective of this study was to understand the effect of fenugreek extract components on the reproductive organs and investigate any possible histological alterations caused by oral ingestion. Male wistar rats were administered 10 and 35 mg fenugreek extract fraction per Kg body weight for 4 weeks. At the end of the study, rats were sacrificed and the testicular weight and histological sections were observed.

Result: Fenugreek glycoside fraction led to marginal increase in the testicular weight and did not alter or damage or change the histology ( tissues) of testis.

Conclusion: Fenugreek extract does not cause any histological changes in testicular tissue.




The physiological effects of consuming fenugreek extract with reference to reproductive system include increase in the levels of testosterone , luteinizing hormone, prolactin and in size of testis in rats. Fenugreek extract improves general immunity, vitality and libido in addition to strengthening muscle strength and increasing lean mass. This extract can be safely used for increasing the blood testosterone levels and can also be used along with other supplements as there are no reported cross reactions.

The only known mechanism of action of fenugreek extract is via inhibiting the aromatase and reductase enzymes that bio convert testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Hence, physiologically fenugreek acts by arresting the bioconversion of testosterone and it helps to maintain the healthy levels required for vital androgenic functions. There are a few reports describing the active ingredients of the extract that are possibly responsible for the physiological effects of fenugreek. However, there is till date no report with purified fractions that produce the same effects as the extract. The most plausible explanation to this is that fenugreek extract like all other natural plant extracts acts synergistically and all the components are essential for bioactivity.

Fenugreek extract / powder at a daily dose of 500mg per day can bring in multitude health benefits like improved immunity, better digestive health, increased lactation in nursing mothers , increased vitality, reduction in body fat, improvement in body composition, increased muscle strength and enhanced reproductive function. There are few reports on the anti diabetic properties of the fenugreek seed extract implicating its positive role in managing auto immune disorders. Stacking fenugreek supplements with other mineral and vitamin supplements not only improves the testosterone levels and muscle strength it also improves general wellness.

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