TestoTEK vs Testogen

TestoTEK and Testogen are two of the most popular boosters around and also two of the newest entrants on the market. So how do these two compare and which one should you buy?  Well it really depends on your goal. I will get into the key differences below so that you can choose the product that is best for you.

Testogen vs TestoTEK – Key Differences:

Both of these products are aimed at the muscle building market, but I wanted to see if there were any differences and which one is superior. Here are my findings:

  • Both contain 2000mg of D-aspartic acid. This is very effective ingredient for gaining muscle and its good to see this occurring in a decent amount in both boosters.
  • Again, both contain Vitamin D3 which has been scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels in multiple studies. It’s fairly even so far.
  • Testogen contains higher levels of raw zinc with 72 mg compared to TestoTEK’s 25mg. However, TestoTEK makes up for this with 75 mg of Oyster extract (which contains high levels of zinc). Oyster extract is a less condensed form of Zinc so it puts the two products about equal on the zinc front. Zinc is a very powerful testosterone booster and a zinc deficiency can often lead to low testosterone levels.
  • TestoTEK contains stinging nettle root and mucuna pruriens. These ingredients are not as important as the ones above, however they have still be proven to assist in increased testosterone production. I would say this gives TestoTEK an edge.
  • TestoTEK contains Vitamin K which has evidence to support its role in increasing testosterone production.
  • Testogen contains Selenium – although its hard to find hard evidence on the impact of selenium on testosterone levels either way.
  • Testogen uses Panax ginseng while TestoTEK uses Siberian Ginseng. Panax ginseng has been proven more definitively across multiple scientific studies while Siberian ginseng seems to have little evidence to back it up. Testogen has the edge on this one.
  • Both contain Fenugreek which has been proven to increase testosterone production. However, Testogen has a higher dosage level with 200mg compared to TestoTEK’s 75mg.
  • Both products are 100% safe and contain only natural ingredients.

Conclusions and Recommendations:

As you can see these are two extremely similar products with only a few differences. I would say that TestoTEK is the better overall formula due to the fact it has both Mucuna Pruriens and Stinging Nettle which Testogen does not have. However, the differences are negligible, and I like how Testogen uses Panax (as opposed to Siberian) ginseng.

If I had to pick one I would go with TestoTEK as I believe it has a slightly more complete formula.

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