TestoFuel vs Testogen: Full Product Comparison

TestoFuel and Testogen have both been getting a lot of press recently. But which one is better and which one should you use?

Lets go over the key differences.


  • Very much targeted at bodybuilders and people looking to gain hard muscle.
  • Higher amounts of d-aspartic acid than Testogen which helps with muscle growth.
  • More complete ingredients formula. Contains Magnesium and Vitamin D which have both been scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels.


Verdict: This remains my top product for those looking to gain muscle, far superior for muscle gain than Testogen. If you are taking testosterone boosters mostly to gain more muscle and get cut, then buy this.

Official Website (the only place to buy it): www.testofuel.com

My Full TestoFuel review: Click here


  • Decent levels of D-aspartic acid which helps.
  • Has good amounts of Panax Ginseng which is great for libido
  • High amounts of Zinc which is good for testosterone production.
  • Unfortunately missing Magnesium and Vitamin D which are very powerful testosterone boosting ingredients.
  • Cheaper than TestoFuel, so good if you are on a tight budget.

Verdict: Decent testosterone booster. However, TestoFuel is better for muscle gain and a product called Prime Male is better for increases in energy, libido and overall vitality.

I would only recommend this product to people who cannot afford TestoFuel or Prime Male.

Website (the only place to buy it): www.testogen.com


Don’t get me wrong, Testogen will do something for you. However, if you are looking for the best quality products on the market I would go with TestoFuel for big muscle gain and Prime Male if you are looking for all the benefits of increased testosterone such as increased libido, energy levels, fat loss and a bit of lean muscle gain. The only person I would recommend Testogen to is someone who is really on a tight budget.

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