Nugenix vs Prime Male

Prime Male and Nugenix are both popular testosterone boosters right now. They are aimed at essentially the same person, a man over the age of 30 who wants to get more energy, libido, lean muscle and get their testosterone levels back up to normal levels in a way that is 100% natural and safe.

Prime Male vs Nugenix – Key Differences

There is really only one primary difference between Prime Male and Nugenix and that is the ingredients formula.

  • Nugenix relies on Testofen which is actually Fenugreek dressed up. There is very little evidence to support the effectiveness of Fenugreek in increasing testosterone levels.
  • Prime Male includes D-aspartic acid, magnesium, zinc and Vitamin D among other ingredients. These are my favorite four ingredients to see in a testosterone booster because they have a lot of scientific proof to back them up.
  • Based on the ingredients formula – there is far more evidence to back up Prime Male.
  • I personally take Prime Male and have achieved fantastic results with it – see my results here.
  • You can only buy Prime Male from the official website – click here for their website.
  • Nugenix is available at GNC.


In-Depth Analysis: The Ingredient Showdown

Prime Male contains 12 essential ingredients, which are sometimes called the “Anti-Aging Dirty Dozen.” The supplement is known to increase male virility and overall health.

Nugenix is another popular option that rides on Testofen, since it is one of the few supplements that have this particular ingredient.

Prime Male

The body must maintain a delicate balance to produce sufficient testosterone production. To replenish any does prime male really work?testosterone, the body needs the right ingredients to re-balance itself. This is the reason why some of the ingredients in Prime Male are worth mentioning, like Mucuna Pruriens.

Those who love rare and natural ingredients should be happy with this one. It comes from a tropical plant, and the natives call it the ‘velvet bean.’ This little ingredient has been found to decrease levels of prolactin. This is a female hormone that is present in both sexes. If you have too much of this hormone, it could diminish testosterone, so it needs to be regulated.

I should also remind you that it helps relieve stress by reducing cortisol. Cortisol is that neurotransmitter your brain creates when under stress, and too much of it has been known to kill testosterone production.

Another ingredient worth pointing out is zinc. Zinc is such an important mineral for testosterone production, yet many men do not get enough of it in their diets. Well, this supplement contains oyster extract and isolated zinc, meaning you are getting a double dose of the mineral. Studies show that zinc increases testosterone in men.


Okay, here is where things take a turn that you might not have expected. Yes, many of the ingredients in this supplement are good for your health. There is vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, which helps the body in different ways but not in the way you want them to help.

Nugenix does contain a lot of zinc, and you already know just how important that ingredient is.

Now, I would be a bad reviewer if I did not address Nugenix’s star player, which is Testofen. The fact of the matter is that Testofen is just fenugreek, but it has been rebranded under this supplement. Still, it is an ingredient that is not used in many other supplements.

I found a study that shows that men who suffered from testosterone loss were given this particular ingredient for a couple of weeks. Many of them reported that their libido increased and that their bodies were stronger.

Decisive Pros and Cons

There is a lot of good in Prime Male and Nugenix, but there can only be one winner. The only way to highlight the winner is to go through some of the pros and cons. I know that some of you probably made up your minds, but this information might push you to the other side.

Nugenix does contain a great ingredient, which is Testofen, but the supplement does not specify just how much of the ingredient is in the supplement. I always think that a company that is not forthright about an ingredient might be hiding something. There might not even be much of the ingredient in the supplement.

As mentioned earlier, many of the additional ingredients in Nugenix were not linked to studies that showed a boost in testosterone. The ingredients were good for blood circulation and memory issues but nothing that related specifically to the main thing.

Prime Male, on the other hand, is filled with ingredients that have been proven to help increase libido, strength, and overall virility. I talked about a few, but I am sure that you probably have read about some of the other ingredients in this supplement.


When it comes to Nugenix or Prime Male, I hope that you can see why I chose Prime Male. Of course, you can can see the evidence yourself and make your own decision by reading my full Prime Male review.

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