A Guide to D-aspartic Acid Dosage

d-aspartic-acidD-aspartic acid is an amino acid that is crucial in the regulation of blood testosterone levels. This acid is particularly useful in helping men over the age of 30 to increase natural testosterone production.

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DAA is completely natural as it actually already exists inside the human body in fairly large quantities, mostly in the brain but also in smaller amounts in the testicles. This acid helps with testosterone production by helping the brain to release more growth hormones, thereby increasing testosterone production in the body.

In the testicles, DAA helps with testosterone synthesis, that is, it helps the body to absorb and use the testosterone that is being produced by growth hormones. So d aspartic acid has two roles, both in testosterone production and synthesis.

This ingredient is extremely powerful and has been clinically proven to boost testosterone levels in men with low testosterone. Therefore, it is the no.1 ingredient I would look for in any off the shelf, natural testosterone supplement. As it already exists in the human body in fairly large quantities it is completely safe to take in moderate doses.

How Much D Aspartic Acid to Take

D-aspartic acid is certainly effective but how much should you take to make sure that it does the job while still keeping you safe? For the answer, I turned to many of the current scientific studies that exist and I thought might help.

In one study I looked at, 1.6g of d-aspartic acid was administered daily to men between the ages of 25 to 40 for 20 consecutive days. Testosterone levels and luteinizing hormones increased in eight out of ten of those men. In addition, the sperm count of those men increased on average by 51%, showing a significant increase.

In another study, as much as 3.2g of d-aspartate was given to 23 men who were enrolled in an infertility program for 12 days straight. 20 out of the 23 men saw a significant increase in free testosterone levels.

Based on these two studies plus others I have read, anything under 3g of DAA taken daily will be safe. For it to be effective you will want to make sure the dosage exceeds about 1.5g per day. So dosing with between 1.5g – 3g of DAA daily should be safe and effective in boosting testosterone levels.

Best Time to Take D Aspartic Acid

There really is no best time to take d-aspartic acid. A common method is to dose throughout the day, so for example you might dose 4 times throughout the day with food so as to keep a consistent rate of acid in your body. Just make sure the combined dosage of those four servings does not exceed three grams.

In the first study I referenced about where 1.6g of d-aspartic acid was administered daily, the full dosage was just taken once a day after lunch. This shows that one dosage will probably be just as effective, it will certainly be more convenient so it’s really up to your personal preference. One thing that you should definitely do is always take d-aspartic with food and never on an empty stomach. Apart from that, it doesn’t really matter what time of the day it is. If in doubt, go with lunch.

How to Take D Aspartic Acid – Powder or Capsule?

It is usually consumed either in powder form or as a capsule, either will work just fine. The powder form can be mixed with water or juice so you can mask the taste (which isn’t great) and have it with your drink alongside your lunch. But the capsule works great as well. Often people will take testosterone boosters, which mix together DAA with other natural ingredients, these usually come in the form of a capsule and can be quite convenient. I would just take whatever works best with you, I like the capsules as they are quick and easy to take.


The d aspartic acid dosage levels I have talked about above are a great way to increase your testosterone levels naturally. It’s actually my favourite supplement for doing this and research has suggested it is certainly the most effective. I would stack this up with magnesium, zinc and vitamin D supplements to give yourself a potent combination.

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