Animal Stak Vs Test: Battle of The Animals


Stak vs Test

Before I get into the differences between these two products, I have to be honest with you and say that I can’t really recommend either of them. That is because they do not contain D-aspartic acid which is pretty much the most effective ingredient a test booster can have based on the scientific studies I have read. So by using these products you are leaving a lot of testosterone boosting power on the proverbial table.

The product I chose to use and that I am very happy with is Testogen, you can read my review  to find out more about that.

Full Comparison

Now, onto the reason you are here. Let’s get down into some of the key differences between Animal Stak and Animal Test.

When I was looking at these two products I was struck by the resemblance. I mean even the packaging looks nearly identical! But I did find some key differences in the ingredients formula which should be helpful.

Animal Stack contains Vitamin B6, Magnesium and Zinc which have all been scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels so this product is certainly going to do something for you. While Animal Test quite frankly contains a whole bunch of random ingredients that I couldn’t find any scientific proof behind.

That makes this a fairly quick and easy verdict, I would choose Animal Stak over Animal Test every time. If you want to see a more detailed review of each product individually you can see my Animal Stak review here and my Animal Test review here.

Of course, I still love Testogen and I really do recommend other people look into it. You can find my review on that over here.