Animal Stak vs Animal M Stak – Which One Should You Buy?


Animal Stak and M-Stak are both formulated by Universal Nutrition and sold as testosterone boosters. However, once I started digging through the ingredients formula and reports from users I began to understand just how different these two products really are.

Your ultimate choice will depend on the specific benefits you are looking for. Below I have outlined the key differences between the two boosters.


The Scoop on Each Booster:

Animal Stak = Overall testosterone booster for guys looking to increase energy levels, boost libido, lose fat and m stak vs stakget some more lean muscle. If you are over 35 and have falling testosterone levels use this (best price here).

Animal M-Stak = Specially formulated for bodybuilding and big muscle gains. If you are looking to use a testosterone booster to gain muscle use this (best price here).

Note: I haven’t used either of these products as I didn’t particularly like the ingredients formula. For more on that, keep reading. But if you are intent on buying one of them, the best prices I could find are on Amazon.

It’s all in the Ingredients…

The main advantage that Animal Stak includes over it’s M counterpart is the magnesium, zinc and vitamin D3 that it contains. Clinical studies show that these three ingredients are very powerful in increasing free testosterone levels.

Looking at the ingredients formula, M-Stak is not so much of a testosterone booster as it is a muscle building supplement. So if you are actually looking to increase testosterone levels I would probably stick with Animal Stak.

What Are Customers Saying?

Both of these products have very good reviews and are widely used. They seem to be solid products and will certainly do something for you. Animal Stak gets 4.5 Stars on Amazon (read customer reviews). Animal M-Stak gets 4 stars (read customer M-Stak reviews).

So, Just to Recap:

Animal Stakanimal stak

Animal Stak is the more “typical” testosterone booster and by that I mean it’s ingredients formula supports both the increased production of testosterone by the body and it also helps the body to absorb more of the testosterone it produces.

If you are looking for a general and overall increase in free testosterone levels, then I would choose this product over M Stack. I actually wrote a more detailed review on Animal Stak which you can read if you want more details.

Animal M Stak

M-Stak was produced pretty much exclusively for bodybuilders and ‘hard muscle gainers’. Its formula promotes greater absorption of protein and nitrogen by the body. Meaning this is a great booster to stack on top of protein supplements or just to help you absorb more of the protein you are consuming. I would only take this if I was looking to gain some serious muscle.

 Conclusions and Verdict:

If you are looking to get overall increases in your natural testosterone levels then Animal Stak is the way to go. If you are looking to make big muscle gains, then M-Stak is probably the best choice of the two.

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My Choice:

My main concern is that Animal Stak does not contain D-Aspartic Acid. I will only buy testosterone boosters that contain DAA because it is just so powerful as a testosterone booster (here is some research to prove it). For this reason, I am sticking with my choice of Testogen which I continue to use and see great results from.