Hey, my name is Josh, welcome to my website.

I first started taking testosterone boosters a few years back because I was feeling low on energy and struggling with motivation to get to the gym. I also noticed that despite eating well I was struggling to lose fat – even though I was trying to.

I started researching online and discovered that this might be due to falling testosterone levels.

I am not really into artificial treatment and so didn’t really want to go to the doctor and get testosterone patches and gels. I wanted something natural.

I found out about natural testosterone supplements and decided to give them a try. I tried a lot of different brands and formulas. Some worked, and some didn’t.

I kept this website to document my experiments and research for others. I highly recommend checking out the home page which goes over my top boosters. I change this periodically as I find new ones to try out so be sure to come back and keep on top of it.

I will continue using these products going into the future. Right now I am finding them to be the best natural solution to help me improve my energy levels and motivation. I’ve also noticed a bit more muscle and that fat is starting to melt away.

I hope you find this site useful, testosterone boosters have really improved the quality of my life and I hope they will do the same for yours.

A bit more about me:

Right now I live in Brooklyn with my wife. But I’m originally from New Zealand. My wife and I love to travel –we are trying to explore the US as much as we can while we are here. We also love getting outside into nature for a good hike, running and working out together.