Virectin Vs Prime Male

Prime Male and Virectin are actually designed for two slightly different uses and which one you use may depend on your need. Below I have included a quick summary of who should use which one, however for a full analysis including ingredients breakdown be sure to read the article to the end.

The Quick Run-Down:

  • Prime Male is a testosterone booster and all around male vitality product. It helps men who are over the age of 30 to offset the effects of falling testosterone levels. It increases energy levels, strength, stamina, libido, mental clarity and even helps with weight loss and muscle gain when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.
  • Virectin is a male enhancement product. Meaning it focuses purely on libido and erectile dysfunction.
  • Both products are completely natural and 100% safe.

My Take: I personally use Prime Male because it gives me all-around benefits as well as helping with libido. You can find out more about my results with Prime Male by reading my review. For more information from the manufacturer, click here.

If you want something that is purely focused on erectile dysfunction then you probably want to go with Virectin, although I have personally never tried it so cannot comment on its effectiveness.


In-Depth Analysis:

I know that you have probably gone through pages and pages of research to narrow your choices down. It is a tedious job, but you are almost there. Just hang on a little bit longer.

Prime Male is a testosterone supplement superstar. Those who are looking for help in this department have probably heard of this supplement. I have to admit that all the hype has made me think that something was amiss. Popular things do not always live up to the hype, just like the most popular movies and books.

The supplement has 12 testosterone-focused ingredients. It is said to increase libido, strength, energy, and should make you feel better overall.

Virectin is another popular supplement for men dealing with testosterone issues. The only difference here is that this particular option is directed at men who want to focus on everything related to their sexual being. Yes, this is marketed toward guys who want to get back in the game.

It is known to increase sexual desire, increase libido, create stronger orgasms, give you more stamina, and strengthen erections, just to name a few benefits.

A Look Under the Hood

I do not know everything, but I know that claims are worth nothing until you can back them up with little evidence.

I know you have probably explored the ingredients thoroughly, so I will not go over a huge list of ingredients you probably already read about. I am just going to zoom in on the ones that make each supplement special.

Prime Maledoes prime male really work?

One of the star ingredients in Prime Male that has most supplement enthusiasts up in a bunch is the inclusion of D-aspartic acid. This particular ingredient helps the brain create the luteinizing hormone or LH. This hormone is known to communicate with the testes and usually helps improve the production of testosterone. A study performed on a number of men shows that this ingredient has the power to increase your testosterone levels in just 12 days. It showed to increase testosterone by as much as 42 percent.

Prime Male is full of similar ingredients with proven results, such as zinc and many other ingredients, making it a pretty strong opponent.


Now, I know you might be tempted to count Virectin out of the game on account of what you just read, but this supplement has a few tricks up its sleeve, too. It is full of effective and natural ingredients like fenugreek, zinc, and niacin.

It also contains a little something worth noting called avena sativa or wild oats. The amount of the extract added to the product is sufficient, but what is better is that it has been shown to dramatically increase testosterone levels. Yes, this means that libido increases and so does sexual pleasure.

As you can see, the match-up between the two is a little even-handed.

The Final Pros and Cons

The only way to find the best supplement is to explore the pros and cons. This should reveal any hidden issues that you might not have considered.

Of course, those who are mostly interested in increasing their manliness in regards to sex are probably leaning toward Virectin, and that is a darn good choice.

Those of you who want a more balanced product that increases not only your libido but your energy, strength and overall vitality should definitely consider Prime Male. It is clear that the ingredients in Virectin focus on one area of a man’s life while Prime Male seeks to improve all areas.

I should point out that some of the ingredients in Virectin are pretty wild like wild oats and ashwagandha root just to name a few. The reason I say this is because the supplement is full of foreign extracts, so the chances of you having an allergic reaction are a bit higher. Just something you should keep in mind.

Of course, I read through some personal accounts of people who have taken both of these supplements, and there were hardly any negative reviews or accounts. This is not to say there were none. A small number of people said they felt ‘flushed’ when taking Virectin, but this went away quickly.

My Verdict

I think supplements should seek to enhance multiple areas of a person’s health, and Prime Male fulfills that need. But Virectin also puts up a good fight, I can tell you that. I personally take Prime Male and have noticed big increases in libido as well as my overall energy levels. It is definitely my top choice.

To read my full prime male review, click here. Otherwise you can Buy Prime Male Here.